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Selected Tweets from @lameesdhaif

The following tweets talk about the thugs' repetitive attack on "Jawad" supermarkets and coffee shops:

MOI arrests tens of people because of a burning tire but fails to find a suspect when lives or property are at stake

We, as well as MOI, know who own arms & ammunition in #Bahrain. Those armed mercenaries can be identified even in civilian clothes

A picture of thugs waving a weapon in front of "Jawad" supermarket staff, an appalling sight in 

The weapon of "denial" was used against prophets, philosophers, scientists, & reformers 

In #Bahrain, the corpses of the innocent, the whining of dismissed workers, & the oppression of the regime was seen as "lies" 

Ignorant loyalists repeat "lies, lies" just like a mantra that will conceal their documented scandals & crimes 

These tweets are about the athlete Mohammed Ali Jawad:

1. This is the picture of Mohd Ali Jawad, a sports figure imprisoned a year ago who lately received some bad news 

2. Mohd couldn't farewell his father who passed away 2 days ago 

3. Before he passed away he asked to see his son but he left this world without getting his wish granted

4. Mohd's father died while he was unjustly detained & his other son disappeared after being targeted by security 

5. The father passed away not knowing about the 15-yr sentence that awaits his son,who confessed to a crime that he did not commit 

6. Mohd Ali was detained since March 27, 2011. He got his share of torture & humiliation like most sports figures bec he protested 

7. Mohd did not get the needed media attention.. He is jailed by the regime & his family are jailed by their torment 

8. Mohd's dad couldnt retaliate or obtain his son's right while he was alive.He will sue King & his executioners in eternal world 

9. He will sue pple who cursed his son & who were overjoyed by his torture. He will question why was he deprived from his kids 

10. King of #Bahrain:What will you answer God when he asks you & your servants when about the pain, tears, blood, & rights off pple? 


 This is the picture of Mohd Ali Jawad receiving condolences in his father's funeral 

These tweets were posted on 9 March 2012 which was the day that witnessed the largest rally in Bahrain's history:

Marx’ historical moment: "a unique event combining conflict & contradictions to produce radical transformation"

9March rally fits that description precisely

In 9March we want to say: We will not allow anyone to deny our existence nor falsify our identity & history

We are the native people of Bahrain. All history books document our origin

We, the native ppl of Bahrain, welcomed whoever came to live among us but we don’t accept denying our origin nor erasing our identity

Persians defeated Portuguese & ruled #Bahrain from 1521-1700 AD. Therefore some Persians outdate Al Khalifa in their existence on this land

We’re not racists. We shared our bread, land,& accepted u as rulers BUT distortion of our land, identity, or history is not allowed

We need to organize Bahrain internally. Ruling exclusively has ended. When you ruled, we became the Indians of the

You built a fragile economy based on liquor, prostitution & begging from neighboring countries!

Bahrain: locals do not exceed 570,000 /half the population is under the poverty line according to studies

Bahrain: Teaching started in 1912. Was lowest in illiteracy in Arab World until naturalization was adopted

 Bahrain: Sunni & Shiite coexisted for thousands of years until sectarian discrimination was adopted to protect the regime

What did we benefit from Bahrain regime? Law isn’t respected, efficiency isn’t important,& the native person isn’t valued

Bahrain corruption: 1 third of the country is privately owned, tenders went to enrich ruling family & projects delayed 4 years

I would not say leave - we are all staying - but I say: let people run their lives and decide their fate and future

It pains me that I will not participate in the 9March but I wish everyone would shout: "Enough"!! #Bahrain 

These tweets are about Abdul Hadi Al-Khawaja. He is a political figure who is undergoing hunger strike in prison:

What did #Bahrain regime benefit from arresting,torturing,& sentencing political figures,knowing that sentences will have 2 be dropped sooner/ later

Political figures were mainly charged 4 inciting hatred against #Bahrain regime; Isn’t the regime real inciter of hatred through its actions & failures? 

A.Hadi Al-Khawaja: received most of the annoyance. His brutal arrest, horrific torture, & broken bones were likely the result of old revenge .

We failed in giving Khawaja & other detainees their rights. #Bahrain regime succeeded in distracting us from concentrating on detainees’ rights 

#Bahrain regime managed to implant fear & oppression in every corner. In every family there’s a martyr, detainee, suspended, or tortured 

If #Bahrain regime thinks it will break detainees w/ its barbarity, it is delusional. It magnified them & dwarfed itself. Freedom 4 Khawaja & all detainees 

On the first anniversary of the revolution, these tweets were posted:

A yr passed.They got armies,mercenary,controlled the media,threatened & suppressed you but you remained steadfast, brave pple of #Bahrain 

I will recall on the 1st occasion of our revolution some achievements that might not be vivid to some 

1. During this year: we have uncovered the ugly tribal nature of #Bahrain regime. It is sectarian, tyrannical, & retroactive

2. We realized that modern life & the cement cities are a deceptive crust & do not cover the life of Middle Ages in which we live 

3. This experience made us aware of our rights & we became mature in dealing with them whereas the regime still deals with force 

4. Our political leaders &human rights activists became refined and new leaders were formed in each area 

5. All legislative & human rights organization lined up with us & admitted justice of our demands even those of allied countries 

6. Even though #Bahrain spent billions to distort opposition, they could not achieve what opposition achieved with the simplest tools 

7. Even in countries that support each other whether "wrong or right", we were able to push elites to line up with us #Bahrain 

8. The future that we want for our children and grandchildren to live in became apparent

9. We were blundering in our fight against corruption, discrimination, & now we know our goals 

10. We uncovered pple with counterfeit consciences,paid journalists, slaves & beneficiaries of regime & those with double standards 

9. We got united: Islamists, liberal, communists, seculars, educated, rich, poor, men & women. We became stronger 

10. Our regime became blundered & confused thus making uncalculated decisions whereas the opposition is working with proper tactics 

Tweets about hypocrites and cyber trolls:

1.A British channel asked me:Isn’t it ironic that #Bahrain gov establishes a media 
city while confiscating pple’s opinion & control media? 

2.Ans: It is no wonder. #Bahrain wanted to establish a Court 4 Human Rights & it became among the 19 countries that violated human rights 

#Bahrain: 130 journalists subjected 2 harassment/arrest/torture & 1/3 forced 2 leave,I think gov wasted its money as did Saddam & Gaddafi

Billions spent by #Bahrain Gov in bleaching its black human rights file. It didn’t do 
the gov any good & it hasn’t learned from the lesson 

1.A Libyan revolutionary confirmed: rebels came upon lists of media figures paid by Gaddafi 2 be silenced or to attack his enemies #Bahrain

2.Gaddafi wasted ppl's money trying to control media thinking the world won’t see 
d truth like Bashar & Al-Khalifa are doing now #Bahrain 

What #Bahrain gov spent on electronic trolls/ terrorism & controlling media has associated it with practices of corrupt,repressive gov’s

A media figure said: loyalists in #Bahrain were foul-tongued while oppositionists were sophisticated.She realized who’s right & who’s wrong

I told her in #Bahrain or elsewhere: loyalists of unjust rulers are far from morality, logic, and honor

It’s funny how pro-gov loyalists in #Bahrain are compassionate & democratic when it comes to #Syria-n people while they r trolls in their country

Arab revolutions exposed ignorants,hypocrites,servants of Sultan, & money seekers. The end of corrupt regimes equals their end 

We are not only fighting retroactive systems, but we fight ignorance, backwardness, & idiocy which are maintained by such systems

We struggle not just to gain our rights but also to change tribal communities, refute hypocrites, & uphold values ​​of decency 

We heard that Al Khalifa are trying to sell #Bahrain-'s independence formally to #KSA. Is it their way to say: not just me but my enemies too?

Some ppl would rather sell their religion & country than give the rebels their legitimate rights in #Bahrain. The real traitors are thus known

#Bahrain:Many pple will change their opinion about the ruling establishment once they wake up from their confusion to see what's wrong/right

Tweets about the mercenaries' violence:

Ferrari’s new ad states there’s no use of force without control, even Ferrari understands politics more than #Bahrain-‘s gov 

Video showing brutality of mercenaries & their violations against women & children goo.gl/ObkeF 

bit.ly/yaVs89 another video showing dozens of mercenaries beating an unarmed boy in #Bahrain - a scene you won’t see in #Palestine 

wespeaknews.com @ avinashkalla: an Indian site coveys my article. Thank u 4 ur interest & humanity that transcends races & religions

Jealousy & humanity died in those who ruined the sanctity of mosques. They accept the abuse of women & children by their men 

We don’t ask 4 help. #Bahrain-‘s people suffer. They don’t deserve treason & raping their chastity 4 asking 4 their rights 

Tweets about businessmen who suffered as a result of the boycott practiced by the two sects and acts of vandalism by thugs:

1.In training,we were asked to question businessmen about any investigation bec 
they use floating, vague & awfully courteous words 

2) When listing the categories that sacrificed & were targeted by the regime, we tend to forget our honorable businessmen 

3.The businessmen sacrificed silently and stood against patriotism 

4. They underwent countless abuses by the regime. Not only have they been deprived from tenders; Thugs vandalized their property 

5. If protestors vandalized the property of pro-government businessmen, the whole country would be made chaotic by hypocrites 

6. The sectarian boycott included every Shiite businessman whether he supported the protestors or not 

7. The religious Sheikhs shamelessly incited cutting people’s source of income for unabashedly sectarian considerations 

8. No wonder - people follow the religion of their kings, as they say - & our regime believes in collective punishment & rewards it 

9. Their boycott did not affect businessmen; God is the one who makes a person wealthy or poor 

10. What hurts is the sectarian hatred and the ugly hostility that dispersed in the #Bahrain-'s social environment

11. Businessmen suffering from this cheap target: sorry we forgot you when recalling those who sacrificed, #Bahrain & history won’t forget you

These tweets were posted after pro-government militias killed Ahmed Ismail. His body was shot at with live bullets.

This is Ahmed Ismail's mother visiting the site where he was shot dead by government thugs 

Ahmed Ismail was killed by mercenaries while filming their crimes. He is a “citizen journalist”, the 3rd blogger killed by #Bahrain regime

How will #Bahrain regime justify killing him? How will it explain the presence of bullets in his body? Who is really armed in the country?

Dozens of people were killed by #Bahrain regime that continues to cover up the killers & did not bring any of them to trial 

For the alleged killing of a policeman & an expatriate 100s were arrested whereas death of 76 ppl go without proper investigation 

#Bahrain regime is using armed militias to ignite a civil war 

Any opportunity for a political settlement or dialogue requiring the PM’s resignation is destroyed by these militias 

These militias get orders from religious clerics who are ordered by TOP pple to destroy #Bahrain with the launch of any political solution

Sectarian strife needs both sects.We won’t be part of this dirty game. We disagree with #Bahrain unjust regime but will maintain our unity

Our condolences to the family of Ahmad Ismail and the people of #Bahrain

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